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We not offer the the highest quality Raw Honey available in our area! There is a HUGE difference between Local Raw Honey and Store-bought honey. Store-bought honey can be labeled "pure" and still contain up to 49% filler, like Carro syrup or some other filler! Store-bought has been heavily processed and heated so that it looks clear and "clean." Almost all of the healthy nutrients have been stripped from the honey! Store-bought is now just liquid sugar  - Virtually NONE of the healing properties remain. On the other hand, Raw Honey has ALL of those healthful healing properties still there! In it's raw form, honey helps those who suffer from allergies as well as many other benefits our body needs! So how can you tell the difference between the healthy Raw Honey and store-bought? If the honey is clear and "clean" it is store-bought. Raw Honey still has flecks of pollen still in it - most of the time it is a little darker as well.

Our Local Raw Honey is unpasteurized, with nothing added and nothing taken away - so all the healthful enzyme properties of the honey are preserved!

This raw honey comes from multiple bee farmers from our local region here in the Great Northwest . All the flavors that are listed are naturally acquired BY THE BEES! For example: The Blackberry honey is created from bees that mainly pollenate the local blackberry plants. The same goes for every one of these flavors. We have worked hard to find a trusted group of farmers that will provide a quality and healthy product.
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    Quick Story - My youngest daughter has had the worst allergies, in fact, she has them year-round! It was bad - she was always stiffing and snorting and we were constantly reminding her to blow her nose instead of making those sounds. 4 months ago we started infusing the Local Raw Honey, that we sell, into her diet - One month ago I turned to my wife and said: "Look at Gwen and tell me if you notice something different" - She turned and looked and watched Gwen for about a minute and then turned back to me - she knew something was different but couldn't put her finger on it. I asked her when the LAST time she heard Gwen sniffing?! She said, it's been a week, maybe a month!! We thought it might have been a fluke but after watching her for a month now, her allergies are GONE!

I started telling this to other customers who have been using our Raw Honey all say the same thing - in fact, there are whole families that this has cured!
But don't take my word for it - how about - Dr Mercola says this: "The idea is that locally produced honey, which will contain pollen spores picked up by the bees from local plants, can act much in the same way as a natural type of vaccine. By introducing a small amount of allergen into your system, your immune system is activated and over time can build up your natural immunity against it.

Why should the honey be locally produced?

Because your allergies are activated through exposure to pollens present in your local area. Different states, for example, can have wildly varying types of plants, grasses and other foliage, each of which can cause allergic reactions in different people.

The typical recommendation is to take about a teaspoon-full of locally produced honey per day, starting a few months PRIOR to the pollen season, to allow your system to build up immunity."

We KNOW it works and what we used to spend on allergy medicine is now spent on Local Raw Honey. 
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Also, raw honey is more than just a sweetener - It is used for medicinal purposes all over the world, in fact, doctors are using honey to heal wounds that have become infected or have taken too long to heal! Read more about the wonderful uses of Honey! 

Honey has many existing antioxidants that are also green leafy vegetables such as spinach. (But don't think you can get away with eating honey instead of vegetables.)

As you know, antioxidants are an important way to counter destructive changes in overall health by removing the power of damaging free radicals.

Raw Honey has a host of these powerful, free radical busting antioxidants.
  • Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that boost a strong healthy balance and increase energy.
  • One antioxidant flavonoid, pinocembrin, may be unique to honey, providing even more optimum health benefits.
  • Another antioxidant flavonoid, pinostrobin, helps to support enzyme activity in the body.
  • Antioxidant-rich organic acids provide honey with a slightly acidic pH that reinforces more healthful wellbeing.
  • Amino acids found in honey are nature's building blocks of protein.

URGENT! Did you know that the world is going through a bee crisis called CCD?!! It is baffling the experts. What happens is that the bees are just leaving the hives and disappearing; no dead bees and no reason for their departure. Thousands of bee farms around the world are loosing whole bee colonies with no end in site. With this in mind, don't wait to stock up on honey

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Craig & Aryn 

3 Pound Container of Western WA Raw Honey
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